Mustus Energy uses residual wood from forest industry facilities.  This wood is typically considered to be waste, and is normally stockpiled or burned in a poorly controlled manner, creating increased greenhouse gas emissions.  Mustus Energy uses this wood as fuel a clean combustion process, reducing harmful emissions while producing electrical energy.

The bottom 40% of the tree, considered the best “saw log” will be delivered to saw mills to be processed into value-added lumber products. Mustus will use the portion of trees that are left in the forest or otherwise discarded as waste wood.  This will be mixed with other wastes from sawmills, further reducing their waste stream.

Mustus Energy’s power plants will help reduce Alberta’s dependence on fossil fuels to meet Alberta’s energy needs. Compared to fossil fuels, biomass-fueled power has many environmental advantages including reduced air emissions and a clean ash by-product that can safely be used as a soil enhancement for agriculture. Mustus Energy designs its facilities to be carbon neutral.  This means that the amount of carbon released from the plant into the atmosphere is absorbed by new growth forest as a natural part of the carbon cycle. Furthermore, electricity generated using biomass as a fuel displaces electricity generated using coal, thereby reducing those emissions and environmental impacts.