November 8, 2012

Early earthworks has been completed for the year, on schedule and in time for the arrival of winter weather. On-site road construction will begin in mid to late May. We expect foundations to begin at the same time.

September 2012

Work has continued at a brisk pace during this reporting month. The pads are nearing completion. The roads are ready for gravel. Culverts are on site and are being installed. The permanent pond is nearing completion.

Other efforts have included dewatering, erosion control and the construction of the berms.

An HS&E Site Audit was performed to ensure safety.

July, 2012

12 % of the early earth works has been completed by Hemaras Construction Inc. One temporary road has been completed and is being utilized for construction and a permanent pond for site drainage is being excavated. Hemaras’ health and safety team has completed a site inspection. Equipment, temporary buildings, support personnel, engineering support and local support have mobilized and at this time, early earthworks is ahead of schedule.

June 14, 2012

Hemaras Construction Inc. began early earthworks for Mustus Energy Ltd.'s first plant in La Crete Alberta.

Site drainage and roads will be constructed during the Summer of 2012. Full construction will begin in Spring, 2013.

The facility will be designed for both automatic and manual start-up and shutdown operation and will feature continuous emissions monitoring systems. The facility is expected to commence commercial operations in the spring of 2014.



Mustus is planning more facilities for northern Alberta. Stay tuned for further information.