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Mackenzie County has provided Mustus with permits rezoning land to accommodate a biomass power plant (3/11/2008) and issued permits to actually develop the biomass power plant (5/15/08).

On May 26, 2008 Mustus submitted an Approval Application to the Alberta Utilities Commission in order to obtain regulatory approval for the project as well as upgrade the existing transmission facilities. The final public hearing was held in early May 2009 and final approval was received in July 2009.

A hazardous operations (HAZOP) study was performed for Mustus by Calvin Consulting Group to determine any hazards that may arise from the facility. All risks were deemed to be negligible outside the plant boundaries, with the highest risk being the release of high-pressure steam.

A noise assessment was undertaken as part of the Alberta Utilities Commission Application. In this assessment, the incremental noise that a power plant would produce over the currently operating lumber mills and roadways on the site was studied. The project was found to have low incremental noise and in order to further dampen the noise, sound barriers are going to be erected around the outdoor Fuel Handling System. Project noise at the 1.5km boundary limit is considered to be negligible

The Alberta Environmental Permit, which encompasses all the elements of environmental permitting (including air permitting) has been approved and issued.